luggage straps have several use, like they can protect your luggage from getting opened by accident, and they can make your luggage stand out in a crowd and more

Why Do You Need Luggage Straps

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Many people do not actually know how to use the luggage straps, or even what are luggage straps for, what’s their role and how they can help you when you travel. All they know is buckle the straps with your luggage and lock it, that’s it.

But that is not the real job of the luggage straps. So why do you need luggage straps?

Luggage straps have several uses. However the main purpose of using them is to keep your luggage closed and secure. All the straps are made from durable material so they can withstand the tests of travel. Some of them even include a combination lock for extra security.

Finding the best luggage for you can be a little bit challenging, especially on these days with all the new brands and different type of luggage. But when you do, and you choose the right one, it’s worth protecting it, securing it, and make it your own. A luggage strap will help with all those things for you.

Here are some other things that luggage straps can do for you to help make your next trip easier than before.

Secure Your Luggage Inside / Outside The Airport

Luggage straps add an additional level of security to your bags when you are travelling, especially if you are getting it with its own locking features. 

sometimes you may have something valuable inside you luggage and you’re afraid to lose it (it could happen with some soft-sided luggage they are easy to break in through). That’s why a straps with a TSA-approved lock provide that extra security for you.

Sometimes the TSA agent can break in into your luggage very easily, just by using a pen or a screwdriver. All he does is put the head of the pen on top of the zipper and pushes it in, now your luggage is open, even if your zipper are locked with a TSA lock. When the agent finish searching your bag, he just close the zipper again, and you will not know a thing.

Now that’s just the TSA agent, he probably will not steal anything from your bag, just doing his job. Anyway you will unlock your luggage for him to search it if he wants to. But Imagine if your luggage gets stolen by someone in the airport for a couple of minutes. You are free to imagine what will happen.

That’s why luggage straps are super helpful when it comes to add some security to your bags.

Identification Your Luggage Easily With The Straps Color

While security is the main purpose of the luggage straps, They can also be used as luggage identifiers. Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when you realize you can’t identify your white, blue, or black luggage in the sea of others on the carousel.

Luggage straps are very good to help you identify your bags, as well as they are good to ensure your luggage stays closed. 

The luggage straps are typically very inexpensive just for a couple of dollars you can buy a high quality one. and sometimes you can get them for free from some travel companies when you book a trip to somewhere with them. 

If you are the type of person who always spend a lot of time in the airport searching for bags, just buy a luggage strap and help yourself out. 

Because the worst thing when you struggle identifying your bag, is you have to give a long description of your lost luggage, to the agent in the airport, and wait hours until they give it back to you.

Attach Multiple Luggage Together

With the luggage straps you can easily attach multiple luggage all together. The straps are not only provide more security to your bags, but also they will allow you to easily wheel groups of bags through the airport, super useful stuff!

A good luggage straps or two will allow you to arrange your bags creatively and conveniently to save time and energy during the transit procedure.

There are a lot of luggage straps styles out there, some of them allow you to link a backpack or girls handbags or even a briefcase with the top handle of the bag. Others allow you to link two suitcases or sometimes three together. And so more different types.

Just make sure to choose the best one for you that will help you with your trip, and match your style at the same time.

Prevent Accident Luggage Opening

When you start packing for your trip, sometimes you end up overpacking and you barely close your luggage zippers. by doing that there is a high chance that your luggage will accidentally opened in the airport, or maybe earlier.

Luggage strap will help to prevent that kind of problem from happening, And even if your zipper breaks, the straps will keep your luggage locked and secure until you arrive at your destination.

Sometimes your luggage get some impact from the airport handlers, or in the TSA checked line, and to be honest, some impacts are too much for a suitcase zipper to take. That’s why a luggage strap can be a lifeline in those circumstances. It could save your clothes and your essentials from getting lost.

Once again multiple straps or a connected cross-strap will help protecting and securing all of your essentials during your flight.

Other Tips

  • Choose a luggage strap that is made from high quality durable material such as the Nylon materials. Because luggage is often handled pretty roughly at the airport. Particularly when it is taken on and off the plane, so there is a chance for your straps to get damaged or maybe tears apart.
  • If you don’t have a TSA lock on your suitcase; Make sure to get the luggage straps that offers a TSA compatible lock feature, to give you that extra protection while you are not around your suitcase at the airport.
  • You need to be sure to purchase an adjustable luggage straps, unless the straps comes specifically with your suitcase. The adjustable straps allow you to place them on any bag, including oddly shaped bags such as duffel bags, and simply lengthen or shorten them as needed. Some adjustable straps can also be used as a carrying handle which can make the straps even more beneficial, particularly if the bag is a large or awkward size.
  • The color of the luggage strap is an important choice as well. Muted colors may be more stylish and eye catching, and may match your luggage better. But bright colors can make your bag much more distinguishable from all the other ones coming through the baggage claim area.


When your luggage is a bit old, the zippers will no longer be as strong as they were, the fabric also will start fading out, all the material will start dying.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a new one with $130 or more, and you want to travel with just the old one, in the meantime you are afraid for it to get opened by accident while traveling, or get some impacts in the airport. 

All you need to do right now is to purchase a $20 or less luggage straps. They will help you with all these problems. Matter fact, it also will add a level of security and protection to your suitcase, giving you that peace of mind while on the go.

If you have any questions, please comment below to let us know. We’d like to hear from you!

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luggage straps will help you if you want to protect your cool luggage and keep them safe while traveling the world

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