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What Size Of Suitcase Do I Need For 2 Weeks

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Packing for a few days or a weekend trip is pretty much easy, but when it comes to planning a 2 weeks trip, things start to get tough. It’s even tougher if you traveling in winter visiting some few places. 

We all know that we over-packed when we want to travel, that’s why most of us think that the big suitcases are the best choice for every trip, and sometimes even if we use the bigger one, we still end up overpaking. 

I think you want to solve that problem, and start using just one suitcase for all your trips right? But the question that you ask yourself now is, what size – suitcase do I need for 2 weeks? 

The perfect size you need is the 24 inch suitcase with wheels for the summer trips, or if you want to visit some warm places with good weather. And 26 inch suitcase for the winter, or if you decided to go to some cold cities. Because winter travel is different, clothes are bigger and heavier, that’s why you should go for the larger suitcase.

No matter how big your suitcase is, you will always stuff it. If you have more room, you will pack a lot of things that you won’t need at all. That’s why you must limit yourself with an average size.

There’s also one thing to remember, if you are planning for a one week trip or less, then a carry on luggage with the average size 21 inch to 22 inch with wheels will be more than enough to carry all of your essential in both summer or winter time. 

If you know how to organize your stuff, and you packed smart you can take different clothes for each day plus a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. It’s all about how and what to pack for travel.

The 24 inch suitcases with wheels have all the space you need to pack every essential that would make your 2 weeks trip goes perfect. You can pack suits, dresses, underwear, electronique gears, shoes, and a lot more stuff.

One of the reasonable reasons why the 24 inch suitcase is the best size for 2 weeks trips. is that it can force you to pack only the things that you really need in your trip. and keeps you away from the overpacking fees in the airport. And we all know that the overpacking fees can be more expensive then your flight tickets sometimes.

There’s a lot of 24 inch suitcases that have the expandable feature, which means that they can expand up to 26 inch and gives you even more space inside the suitcase to pack more things, in case you are not satisfied with things you already packed. And that’s good for some people.

Why You Should Go With The 26 Inch For Winter / Cold weather

The 26 inch suitcase is the bigger option you want to go with, it obviously has more storage space in the interior compartment allowing you to pack even more heavy clothes and shoes, coats, jackets and a lot more.

If you are planning to go for a 2 week trip to one of the coldest cities, then you are thinking about bringing coats, some additional shell-type rain jacket, warm shoes, and if snow is possible you want some boots as well. All of this essential can be fit in the 24 inch suitcase, but you barely can close it if not breaking the zippers. That’s why the 26 inch suitcase is the best option for cold cities destinations.

There’s also in some 26 inch suitcases the expandable feature, but not as many as the 24 inch.

The 26 inch suitcases are the best option you need for 2 weeks trip with a cold weather. You just need to know how to organize your stuff.

The Purpose of Your Trip

When you just have the idea to start planning for a vacation, take a moment and ask yourself, Why you want to go on a vacation? where you want to go? What’s the meaning of your trip?

The answer to these questions will help you a lot to define which size you should go for. for example, let’s say you are going for a business trip for 2 weeks, you probably will need a couple of suits, some classy shoes, and other official type of clothes. So a 21 inch suitcase will do the job and help you pack all these things inside.

But if you are going to visit your family who lives across the country for a couple of weeks, then you will need to pack all of your important clothes. That’s why you should go for the 24 inches suitcase. 

However, you should keep in mind that anything beyond 26 inch is to big and heavy to carry around or even to roll. The smaller the suitcase the better, they are easier to handle, and almost certainty won’t go over the draconian weight limits, costs less, and they are easy to fit into small spaces in many hotel rooms.

Other Tips

  • bring a carry on: You can always bring a carry on with you to pack more stuff just in case your checked luggage gets lost or delayed. So you can be okay for at least one night or one day. The best type of carry one you can go with is the backpacks, they can let you be hands-free, you can be very mobile. And also they has a big compartment that could hold some clothes, and they has a lot of pockets to keep some essentials close to you like charger, glasses, wallets, headphones, and more. 
  • Plan your outfits: you need to take some time to plan your outfits, because when you do so, you kind of get an idea of what you need and what you don’t need. And with that you will not packing stuff that you will not use. The best way to do that is by using the Packing cubes, and pack each outfit separately.  
  • Wear heavy clothes: if your jacket or your shoes took a lot of space in your suitcase, the perfect solution is to wear them up (like I do sometimes). By doing that you will free up some space in your suitcase to pack other stuff. and you always can take them of when you’re inside the plane.

Final Words

There are a lot of sizes of suitcases out there in the market with different styles, different sizes, (21 to 22 inch as a carry on size, the 24 to 25 inch as the medium size, and the large size 26 inch and above). All of them have different type of use for different types of trips. 

But the average size that most people will do just fine with it is the 24 inch suitcase. This size can help you pack all your essentials with no extra weight. It’s easy to carry around as well as roll it inside or outside the airport. It’s also not that expensive like the bigger sizes ones.

Extra tip : always check the baggage policy of the airline you’re flying with, to be sure that you follow the guidelines and won’t have to pay the extra baggage fee. (if you just have a 5 extra kilo you could pay up to $50 per Kg)

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This blog post will give you some suitcase hacks and travel tips that will make your trip way more easier.

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