What Not To Bring In Your Carry On

What Not To Bring In Your Carry On

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Have you ever started packing and asked yourself if the item you’re holding is even allowed to bring in your carry on bag? The Transportation Security Administration has a detailed list of what you can bring and what’s not. 

The main problem is that the TSA change this list constantly due to the constant tightening of security. So what are the things that you should not bring in your carry-on bag?

Obviously you CANNOT bring anything you want on a plane. There are a few rules you need to follow before start packing. And it’s important to know some of them, or you will get stuck at the airport security. 

Below I will explain more about 11 Things that you’re not allowed to bring in your carry-on bag with details. And I highly recommend that you follow through and apply these things in your next trip to keep yourself and the other travelers safe.

Note: all the points that I will give you are going to be a general guideline. However, anytime you want to go into another country, you need to make sure you check all of the rules and regulations for that specific country. And also for the airline that you’re flying with.


The Transportation Security Administration Aka (TSA) made a liquids restriction for carry ons and checked luggage. Basically you can’t bring any liquids in your carry on that are over 3.4 ounces or 100ml. Also any liquids that you do bring in your carry on that are under that amount, they all have to be able to fit in a clear quart size Plastic Bag.

Things that are using like makeup equipment and creams and gels, are also count as liquid as well. So they’re going to need to be able to fit into your plastic bag inside your carry on. 

And for medications there are special rules for them, but they vary by country. So you need to check the rules of the country you will be flying out to. However, you will need to let the screening agents know that you have some liquid medication in addition to one quart bag you are allowed.

#2 Large Sharp Objects

To most people it’s pretty obvious that you can’t bring anything in your carry on bag that could be used as a weapon. Generally speaking if it’s a knife that’s bigger than 4 or 5 inches. Because those things could be used as a weapon and threat the life of a person. That’s why all sharp objects are prohibited in carry-on luggage.

However the Rules in other countries can be different from those in the US. So always check the rules before you fly from somewhere else. For example, some countries state that scissors are permitted if they are shorter than 2.36 inches from the pivot point. That’s only 6 centimeters, shorter than what TSA allows in the US.

Pocket knives are not allowed as well, even if you just but them inside your pocket. If you really want to have one, you should pack it well inside your checked luggage in a way that can’t cut through your bag accidentally and hurt a baggage handler or any other airport employees.

#3 Aerosols

The Aerosols can not be put inside your carry-on bag. Just to make things clear, things like shaving creams and hairspray are not considered aerosols, so you are more than find bringing things like that in your carry-on bag.

As I mentioned before you should always check the country that you will fly out to, each country has it own rules and restrictions.

#4 Self-defense Items And Guns

Self-defence items such as marce, are not allowed in a carry on bag. The TSA consider them as a weapon that can be used or accidentally use to hurt someone. So if you do forget and took one, they will take it from you.

If you really want to bring one for your trip, the TSA website says you are allowed to have one 4 ounce container of mace in your checked luggage “provided it has a safety mechanism to prevent any accidental discharge.” However, you should always check your airline rules. 

Guns are obviously not allowed because they are a real weapon. However, most guns are permitted in checked luggage as long as they are empty and in with the safety on. And they must be stored in a locked hard-side container. 

Some guns like flares and gun power are not even allowed in checked luggage. So you should check with your airline about other restrictions or fees they might have on guns. 

#5 Flammable Items


This is one of the obvious things right! You can’t bring anything on a plane that could go up in flames. If you really want to bring a firework or something else, just buy it when you arrive at your destination, that’s for everybody’s safety.

flammable items are prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage. Some comperes asks if the Camping gear used for fires and cooking are allowed? TSA does say camp stoves “are allowed in carry-on or checked bags only if they are empty of all fuel and cleaned so that no fuel vapors or residue remain.”

#6 Food Like Fruit, Vegetable And Meat (not Packed)

If you are traveling abroad, there’s a good chance that the country you’re going to, or even if you’re coming back to your country, will not let you bring fruits, vegetable, or any kind of meat product in your carry on or in your checked bag into the country.

The main reason for that, is that it’s easy for fruit and meat to bring some diseases and insects that aren’t native to the country you’re going to, and that can actually be detrimental to crops and animals that live there.

If you are going on a plane and you have an apple or banana in your bag, make sure you eat it before you get there.

#7 Tools

You can’t bring any kind of tools in your carry-on bag, they are all prohibited. Because they can be used as a weapons. However, the TSA will allow you to bring tools like wrench or a screwdriver or whatever that’s found in a toolbox except for a hammer, there’s only two rules to follow, the tool must be seven inches or shorter, and you need to put them inside your checked luggage. 

If you follow those two rules you will be okay. but if you’re not, they will take them from you during the check in.

#8 Butane Curling Irons

This beauty item most girls may want to bring with them when traveling (a Cordless Curling Iron). Unfortunately the cordless iron uses butane, so this is one of the few items allowed in a carry on bag, but not in a checked luggage. The iron could catch fire if it turns on by accident, and make a horrible disaster. 

And if you want to bring one with you, you should pack it in your checked luggage, and the curling iron must have safety cover in case something goes wrong. According to the TSA gas refills or spare cartridges are nor allowed in both checked in carry on luggage.

#9 Sport Items

Sport balls like basketball, football, and soccer balls are allowed in a carry on luggage, of course. The heavy balls like bowling balls and bocce balls have their own restriction from different airlines, so you need to check with your airline about them.

The ski poles, pool cues, Baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, and pretty much any other sporting equipment containing the words stick, pole, bat or club cannot be brought on the plane as carry-on. And if you want to bring your own sport items, you should check them. The roller blades and skates are allowed in a carry on luggage.

#10 Snow Globes

This is one of the important things that any travelers needs to know before their going in their trip. Snow globes (Usually people buy them during the holiday season). The snow globes are innocent enough items, but what concerns the TSA is the liquid inside them. Like all other liquids, if the snow globe is less than 100 ml, then that’s allowed to bring on board. But The problem that you will have is you can’t exactly measure how much liquid is in there, so be prepared to give it up if questioned.

# 11 English Christmas Crackers

One of the Surprising things to learn is that the English Christmas crackers are in the list of items not allowed to bring in your carry-on luggage. Well, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Christmas crackers create a mild “bang” or “pop” when splitting apart, so it could easily be confused for some kind of explosion and make a horrible things. So now I think you know why this item is better packed in your checked bag and not in your carry on luggage.

Other Things That Are Not Allowed In Carry On

Type of objectrestriction for carry on
Bang SnapsNo
Axes and HatchetsNo
Bear BangersNo
Billy ClubsNo
Blasting CapsNo
Bowling PinsNo
Box CuttersNo
Brass InstrumentsCheck with Airline
Brass KnucklesNo
Canoe/Kayak PaddlesNo
Cattle ProdsNo
Chlorine for Pools and SpasNo
CO2 CartridgeNo

Source: tsa.gov

Other frequent questions

Can people take knitting needles in a carry on?

The answer to that question is YES, you can bring knitting needles on a plane in your carry-on bag. 

What about razors and nail scissors/clippers?

You actually can bring those in your carry-on bag, because they are small enough that you really can’t do anything with them beside their purpose. All people travel with razors and nail scissors in their carry on bag all the time with no problem.

If you get in a plane and you have a bunch of razors, maybe they will take them out from you, but if there is just one, you’re in the clear zone.

Can you bring a lighter on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a lighter in your carry-on bag on the plane. Only one lighter is allowed. However it must has no lighter fluid in it.

What about lithium ion batteries?

Most lithium batteries that used in like consumer goods. Like in laptops and cameras, those are all allowed in your carry-on because they’re small and they can’t really do any harm, also the batteries must be charged. However, if you have some big camera equipment, you need to check with the specific airline that you choose if they will be allowed to bring on.

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