if you're traveling internationally you need the best luggage to help you with your trip. this helpful guide will help you choose the best one.

What is The Best Type of Luggage For International Travel

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Packing your clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other essential for international travel is necessary. The common problem that people face, is what type of luggage should they use to carry all their belongings? Most people are excited about the trip itself that they leave the dreadful task of packing to the last minute.

There are several of different type of luggage that you can choose from, but what is the best type of luggage for international travel?

The best type of luggage for international travel is the Suitcases, because they are generally strong, build to meets up with all the restriction of different airlines. And they have more than one sizes to choose, there’s the 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch to pack more stuff.

Suitcases are made out of a variety of material including leather, plastic, Polycarbonate, nylon. All suitcases has at least one handle and they open up in a 50/50 for easy access to your belongings, they also comes with wheels that move in multiple directions or inline that glide in only one direction for easier transport.

The suitcases are very convenient due to their ideal shape and large opening, you can pack a lot of essential inside, and if you organize them will, you can have more room for more items. You need to know that The  common maximum size bag that is allowed is 62 linear (total). The common checked luggage size is: 27″ x 21″ x 14″.

Suitcases are best for :

  • International travel
  • Business trips
  • Travelling to urban areas

Carry-on Bags

Most airlines has a carry-on limit size which is 22 x 14 x 9 inches. These small suitcases can usually be stowed in the overhead bins above your plane seat, actually that’s why everyone likes to bring them. And the smaller your carry on the better, because you will avoid paying a fee to stow at least part of your belongings.

The carry on luggage are usually made from polyester-nylon combination that is made to withstand anything you put it through. And they are sturdy and weather-proof as well. Some of them made from a hard-shell like ABS plastic making it nearly possible to break or damage.

This type of luggage comes in various sizes and colors and many different features, but they are specially designed for light travel in mind.


  • Most of carry on bags has wheels for easy movement.
  • Internal storage pockets for small items.
  • Compression straps on the side to help secure your belongings.
  • Inside pockets that help to keep your stuff will organize.
  • Top handle.

Carry on are best for:

  • 2-3 days trip.
  • Holidays Family visiting.

Duffel Bags

the duffels is a soft, roomy, lightweight bag that comes in a wide range of sizes. They are usually made from sturdy canvas which make them nearly impossible to rip or tear, and they have no hard components to them, so they can be easily stored. There is also lot’s of material that used to create these type of bags.

The duffel bag usually has two small straps plus an over arm strap that makes it easy to carry around in one hand. Duffel bags are much more cheaper than the suitcases for carry on bags and they have close to the same carrying capacity.

You can use the duffel bags in a variety of situations. Of course they are not as efficient as a suitcase in storing your belongings, and not as efficient as a backpack to carry around. This type of luggage is used as a supplementary to a suitcase or backpack.


  • Strong straps make it easy to carry.
  • Heavy-duty zippers that are meant to last.
  • Outside pockets to store some small items.
Duffel bags are best for: 
  • As a carry on
  • Short trips (less than 2 weeks)
  • Supplementary bag


The travel backpack are very popular amongst the young travellers who want to visit a lot of places within their trip. All the backpacks have one large main compartment with some small inside pockets for cosmetic or electrical items. 

All backpacks have two adjustable shoulder straps so that you can carry it on your back, hence the name backpack. Some of them have even a padded straps for more comfortable carrying. 

This type of luggage are more convenient to use if you plan to visit several cities in a short amount of time. The reason they are good for this type of travels is that they are very easy to carry around with, and they have enough room to pack you essentials.

Another reason that backpacks are very useful is when you want to go to those hard to reach places, just pack your cloth, put the bag in your back and go wherever you want, no problem.


  • Padded shoulder straps for more comfortable while carrying.
  • Outside easy access pockets.
  • Enough room to pack the essentials.

Backpacks are best for:

  • Adventure travel.
  • hiking , nature trips.
  • Multi-destination trips.

Garment Bags

Garment bags are designed to carry clothing on hangers, they are super useful if you are traveling with a dress, suit, orcoat that you don’t want to wrinkle on the go. You probably won’t see these quite often as part of a luggage set, but if you do it’s likely to be a larger set.

Usually, the garment bags can hold as much as four garments at a time. The size of course may differ according to the one who will use it. For women’s clothes, for instance. 

The normal garment bag should be around 54” up to 60” long so as to carry long dresses, or even gowns. While for men the appropriate size would be 40” long to carry suits and other stuff.


  • Some of the garment can be water repellent.
  • Carrying handles.

Garment bags are best for:

  • business trips.
  • wedding trips.

Small Toiletry Bags

Having a place for you toiletries is essential in modern-day travel since airlines allow passengers to have very little liquid in their carry-on. These small cases are made for holding toiletries such as toothbrushes, makeup, deodorant, shaving supplies, hairstyling tools and more. and they are more useful in long term vacations.

Toiletry bags are best for:

  • Long term trips (one month or more).
  • Backpacking trips.

Tips For Keeping Your Luggage in Good Condition

There is a lot of different types of luggage as you can see above. And there is much more to choose from. No matter what type of luggage you choose for your trip, you always need to make sure that they are in good condition.

The last thing you want is for your luggage to get damaged or ripped while traveling and potentially lose some of your belongings.

You need to make sure that your luggage is clean of any bugs or organic debris that you may have acquired on you trip. And also keep your luggage stored in place way far from dust.


In this blog post I listed the best type of luggage for international travel, as well as some of the most popular type of luggage that everybody uses in their normal trips. But you can find so many different types of luggage in the market these days, with different designs, and different style to match up with everyone’s needs. 

Remember, the best type of luggage for you depends on your needs, and where do you want to go, like if you want to go and do a backpacking trip and visit as many countries as you can, then a backpack is the type for you. But if you want to have a nice classy 2 week tour in Europe then you should go for a classy suitcase.

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if you're traveling internationally you need the best luggage to help you with your trip. this helpful guide will help you choose the best one.

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