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Luggage Sets For College Students

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Every college student, may have to live far from his family, from his hometown for couple of years until he get graduated. Or maybe he will do some frequent travel from the college to home sometimes. a good high quality luggage sets are necessary to help with that.

The luggage set well help you to pack everything that you need,  and organized them properly thanks to the huge space the sets offers. it’s way more better than pack everything in one duffel bag. 

There are some high quality luggage sets from different fancy brands, but they are a bit expensive.

But don’t worry. we selected a list of the best budget luggage sets for college students after a lot of research. And we picked up the best of the best in the market. These sets has made from good quality materials to protect your essentials, and also to last long. 


US Traveler Rio Two Piece Set

The US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry on Luggage Set is constructed from a durable and strong 1200D polyester fabric, ensuring that it can last for years.

The two piece set designed to be used together as well as separately. Most airline carriers will allow each passenger to bring one piece of cabin, and on personal luggage. This set cover both, and that’s a plus for you.

The carry on suitcase has two pockets on the front lid, and one larger pocket toward the bottom of the case. this pockets are useful to hold some big items. and there are some small pockets towards the top of the lid as well.

Inside the upright bag you will find the big main compartment for packing your clothes, with some tie-down straps to keep things in place while traveling. there’s also a zip mesh lined pockets and a shoes pockets to safely store your stuff easily.

The tote bag has one large pocket on the front, allowing you to store any travel document you want for quick access.

Just keep in mind that this set is not big to pack everything you want in your home. You just need to pack only the important items. And for the other stuff you can simply buy them in your college town. The set also has inline skate wheels for fast movement. 

You can choose from the six different colors the one you like the most, there’s the Black, Green, Mustard/Orange, Purple, Red, and the Royal Blue.

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

The Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set is made from 100 percent polyester, which means that this set is so strong and durable as well as lightweight.

The price of this set is so affordable, and actually it is even lower than most other single bags, so there’s no risk at all when you buy this set.

The bigger rolling luggage is roomy for your clothes and other essentials . It has a fully lined with a durable And Elegantly Printed Lining. It also has an inline skate wheels, they are sturdy but not multi-directional. The set has two handles, one on the side, and one telescopic on the top to maximize your carrying comfort.

There’s two front full size zipper pocket to pack small items such as passport, phones, headphones and more.

The tote bag has one spacious main compartment, and one front zipper pocket. It also has detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

The set comes with more than 20 different color options, from loud and bright to muted solids. 

Travelers Choice 2 Piece Luggage Set

The Traveler Choice Two Piece Luggage Set is made from 1200D two-tone polyester construction for enhance the durability.

It includes a rolling upright bag designed with a large main compartment with elastic tie-straps to secure your garments neatly. Also the bag has a separated pockets to keep your shoes and other essential in place. And a deluxe interior retractable push-button handle system and in-line skate wheels with corner protection.

It also has multiple front pockets for quick access, and a dual top and side carry handles.

The tote has a big main compartment that can hold some larger items, and it has a front zipper for small stuff, such as your wallet, phone, passport etc. It also has a comfortable shoulder strap which make you carrying it with easy.

The set comes with four different colors options the Red/Burgundy, Gray, navy, and the Orange.

This luggage set offer an expandable design up to 25% for more storage space to pack more items.

AmazoneBasics Premium 2 piece

The AmazonBasics Premium is made from high quality polyester construction. The set can take all kinds of travel conditions and it definitely will last for years of use.

This soft-side set includes 22-inch and 26-inch size suitcase, which means that there are plenty of storage space for all your stuff. And you can even pack more items then you need.

The set offers more flexibility, and it can fit into tight spaces more easily compared to hard-side luggage set.

It has two in-line wheels and sturdy telescoping handle allowing for smooth comfortable rolling through airports. The handle can be collapsed down in one smooth move for storage when not in use.

The AmazonBasics premium 2 piece set features a built-in TSA lock to keep your essential safe and make the thieves away from you.

It comes with six different colors option, the Red, purple, Black, Blur, Grey, Olive.

Olympia Let's Travel 2 PC Carry-on set

The Olympia 2 Piece set is constructed of rugged polyester, that means that the set is strong and durable and lightweight as well.

The set featured a handsome travel tote that measures of 13”L x 11”W X 5”D and with 2lb in weighs. The tote has an adjustable detachable shoulder strap, for you want to set it as you like. It also has a comfortable dual carry handles. The interior compartment is big enough to carry some essentials, and you can find also one big front pocket for quick access while traveling.

The carry on suitcase features an in-line metal ball bearing wheels for smooth movement, even in the small areas. The main compartment has a fully lined big interior To pack the most important stuff. And with the dual buckle tie-belt, your items will stay in place. a push button retractable pull handle system.

The set comes with four colors, the Royal Blue, Black, Spiral, and the famous on, the Red.

AmazonBasics Geometric Luggage

This durable, eye-catching luggage set made from a rugged Polycarbonate and ABS hard-shell material. To give you a peace of mind while purchasing.

This set offers secure, reliable storage with ample packing space and multiple compartment with tie-down straps and zippered sleeves for safely accessories, devices, or toiletries.

The exterior offers a monochromatic geometric design which means it is so strong, and it can take any type of traveling condition with ease.

The AmazonBasics geometric has four multi-direction double 360 degree spinner wheels, which give you a stress-free travel. It also includes adjustable telescopic handles with molded grips for ease of use on the go.

This set is so convenient, and you can use it in different kinds of trips. It comes with four colors, the Black, Cream, Green, Pink, and the Sunset.

Things To Consider When buying luggage sets for college students


Before you decide to buy a set for your college travel, first you need to know what’s the things that you will need. Because you don’t want to pack everything you see in your home, or you will over-packed and end up crushing the 50 lb limit for airlines.

We all know that overweight fees are worse than taxes, so make sure that your bag isn’t that heavy.

Most bags these days are lightweight, but just make sure you find the actual weight of the bag printed on the sales tags.

Size And Capacity

Size is very important when it comes to packing, the more space storage you have the better. The size will help you to pack everything you need for your trip. So make sure to find the right size.

However one suitcase with big man compartment and some front pockets and one tote will make things easier for you.

And if you have some tech items like laptops, or tablets, or iPad then you should buy a nice high quality backpack for more protections.

Quality And Durability

If you want your next set to last long, you need to make sure it is made from high quality materiel. Typically if the bag has been made off ( Polycarbonate, nylon ) it will be strong and durable. 

there are plenty of good luggage sets in the market that are made from high quality with good price, just make sure to spend little bit of time to find the best one. any of the above will work great for you.


Just to be honest with you, people do notice the bag you travel with, and who knows? You can get an upgrade from an airline or hotel just because they like your set style.

In the past you didn’t have the choice to choose the color that you like, basically because it wasn’t much color to choose from. But now you can choose the color you like with ease. matter fact you can even contact the manufactory and tell them how your set needed to look like.


Frequent travelers between college and home would need high quality luggage.

A luggage set is a good investment to save not only some cash, but also to pack more essentials. So choose wisely, and choose a luggage that is easy to carry, pull along, and lightweight and also strong in the same time.

We hope that you were able to find the best luggage sets for college students after perusing through our list.

It would be great if you let us know what did you buy? And how it works for you?

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