replace your luggage wheels just by yourself at home

How To Replace Travelpro Luggage Wheels

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You can always replace the wheels on your luggage instead of buying a new one. The wheels can be replaced with a lot of techniques, and in many models. This simple task that you can do by yourself at home will save you tons of money. 

However, you should keep in mind that not all the suitcases wheels can be replaced by the owner, some of them have to go to a repair shop to be fixed, or send them back to the manufactory and they will do the hard work for you. If you still have the guarantee option on the bag they will take care of the shipping price as well.

Remove the old wheels on your suitcase, will depend on your type of suitcase. each suitcase is different then the others. Some of them you may have to use a screw-driver to take the wheels off, others are attached by rivets and these you will have to pull them out.  

Note: some-times you would feel like you need to change your suitcases, because it’s starting to make noises at the airport when you roll it up, and that is not a good thing to happen while traveling. a lot of people end up doing that and spending hundreds of dollars on a new suitcase. 

Now let me be clear here, buying a new luggage is a good idea, because you will be up to date with the latest styles the brands offers. But sometimes all you need to do is just replacing your old wheels with new ones, and your luggage will stop making those creepy noises, that’s it.

the Four Steps to replace TravelPro wheels

These are the four steps that you should follow in order to replace your TravelPro luggage wheels:

  1. Measure Your Original Wheels
  2. Purchase a Wheels That’s The Same Size As The Old Ones
  3. Remove The Old Wheels From The Suitcase
  4. Replace The New Wheels

Now let’s start with the first step:

1. Measure Your Original Wheels

Measure your old wheels is one of the most important things when it comes to replacing your luggage wheels. You need to measure your wheels properly to ensure your new wheels will fit the suitcase correctly, and that way you make sure you’re ordering the correct product.

There are two important dimensions that will affect how the wheels fits on your luggage, in fact, whether it will fit at all. 

Wheels Diameter: the diameter is the measurement across the face of the wheels. Take a measuring tape and start from the right or left, all the way to the other side. and by doing that you will know how many millimeters do your wheels has. 

Wheels Width: is the measurement from the above of your wheels, simply take your measuring tape and put your wheel in a standing position, and measure it up. 

When you do this two measurement you will know exactly the perfect replacement that will fit your luggage correctly. However, If you did all that and still you are not 100% confident of your measurement, just contact the manufactory for more details.

2. Why You Should buy a Wheels That’s The Same Size As The Old Ones

You need to know that your replacement wheels will attach and work perfectly if it’s the same type as the original wheels. And i think by now that you already know what size your wheels are.

Buying the wrong size wheels can give you some really hard time, and can make installation nearly impossible, or cause the luggage to tilt from the uneven wheels sizes.

You can likewise utilize in-line skate wheels as an option to replace wheels.. Look for roller blade wheels that are approximately the same size as your old wheel.

There are a lot of places online to purchase your new wheels like Amazon, or even the manufactory it self. But if you want to replace them immediately, then go to your closest luggage store and buy them for a couple of dollars.  

Note: the wheels comes with some metal nuts that are going to put into the wheels when installing them.

3. Remove The Old Wheels From The Suitcase

  • Choose a surface where your luggage can lie down evenly while you work on it, a table will be a good place. 
  • Then flip your luggage with the wheels facing up, so you can get a clear look at the wheels while you work on them.
  • Take a screwdriver and start taking out the screws that hold the wheels in place. They are two screws, one on the top and the other in the bottom, take them both. The screws have different sizes the one on the bottom is the small one, while the other is a bit bigger. so you don’t have to be worry about mixing things up.
  • When you finish, take the holder of the wheels out, some time you need to put a little bit of effort for that. But that’s fine just pull it out of the luggage.
  • Now you need to remove the axle that hold the wheel, to be able to replace the new one. Simply take a screwdriver and push the axle out. And then pull it out from the other side, if it doesn’t want to go out then place the screwdriver on the axle. And take a hammer and give it a couple of whacks and go to the other side and pull it out.

4. Replace The New Wheels

Now this is the easiest step, all you need to do is take the new wheel, put the two metals nuts that comes with them on each side and tight them up.

Put the wheel into the holder that you took it out of, then put the axle in. at this part specifically it can get a little bit tricky because you got to line all things up, make sure that all the holes lined up. Then just push the axle and you all set up.

Then put back the holder of the wheels into the suitcase. And make sure that you get it in the right side, the side that’s larger is the top one (you can tell by if you look closely) .

Remember the largest screw goes on the top, the small goes on the bottom.

Final Word

When the luggage spend some years with you, it probably won’t stay the same as it was at the beginning. The fabric may be damaged, the handle start to stuck at the middle of the way up, the wheels making noises while pulling, but that’s all normal.

At that time you should start figuring out what’s the problem and fix it by yourself or go to some professional and let them do the job.

Frequently the first thing that gets damaged in a suitcase over the years is the wheels, because they are the ones who do everything from carrying the weight of the luggage, to rolling and moving around. 

But instead of replacing them with new ones, people go and buy a new luggage which is fine, but for some people that don’t have enough money, it could be a bit of a problem.

So before buying a new luggage check what’s wrong with your current one. 

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if you want to replace your luggage wheels by yourself at your home. this guide will help you do that with no time.

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