if you want to replace your luggage wheels by yourself at your home. this guide will help you do that with no time.

How To Replace Samsonite Luggage Wheels

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If your luggage has a broken wheels, you may start to feel tempted to throw it away. But in most cases, replacing luggage wheels is quick and easy, you can simply do it in yourself in your home. However, some suitcases wheels can not be replaced by the owner. So you need to get help from professionals such as a replacement luggage shop, or the manufacturer itself. 

The manufacturer can help you a lot with these kind of problems. also if your suitcase is still on the guarantee time limit. They will pay for the shipping too. However, you should keep in mind that if you decide to replace your luggage wheels in the manufacturer they will charge you a lot, up to $40 per wheels. And that’s a $80 per two wheels.

That is why most people when they have their luggage wheels broken, they prefer buying a new one for $120 or $150. Because they think that’s the perfect solution.

But what they don’t know, is that they can replace the wheels just by themselves, and save all those money to invest them into some other important things.

Buying a new luggage is a good idea, but for some budget people it’s certainly not. So in this article i will show you exactly how to replace your Samsonite luggage wheels just by yourself, and save some extra cash for your family.

if you want to replace your luggage at home. You need to measure the old wheels, then , buy the new ones, then remove the old wheels and replace them with the new wheels. by doing these steps, you’ll be able to replace you luggage wheels with no problems.

Note: if you have a Travelpro suitcase and you want to replace the wheels just by yourself, check my article on how to replace travelpro wheels.

Now Let’s Start With The First Step:

This part is basically the same as any type of luggage wheels.

Measure your old wheels is one of the most significant things with regards to supplanting your gear wheels. You have to gauge your wheels appropriately to guarantee your new wheels will fit the bag with ease. and that way you ensure you’re purchasing the right item.

There are two significant measurements that will influence how the wheels fits on your bag.

Wheels Diameter: the distance across is the estimation over the substance of the wheels. Take an estimating tape and start from the right or left to the opposite side. what’s more, by doing that you will realize what number of millimeters do your wheels have.

Wheels Width: is the estimation from the above of your wheels, essentially take your estimating tape and put your wheel in a standing position, and measure it up.

At the point when you do this two estimation you will know precisely the ideal substitution that will accommodate your gear effectively.

On the off chance that you did all that and still you are not 100% sure of your estimation, simply contact the manufactory for subtleties.

2. Buy The New Wheels

The substitution wheels that you will purchase, they will connect and work splendidly if it’s a similar kind as the first wheels, remember that. I think at this point you definitely comprehend what size your wheels are.

Purchasing the wrong size wheels can give you some extremely hard time, and can make the installation nearly impossible, or cause the gear to tilt from the uneven wheels sizes.

You can likewise utilize in-line skate wheels as an option in contrast to substitution wheels. Search for in-line skate wheels that are roughly a similar size as your old wheel.

There are a great deal of spots online to buy your new wheels like Amazon, or even the manufactory itself. But if you want to replace them immediately go to your nearest baggage store and get them for two or three dollars.

Note: the wheels accompanies some metal nuts that are going to place into the wheels when you need to introduce them set up.

3. Remove The Old Wheels From Your Samsonite Suitcase

  • Choose the perfect place to lie down your luggage. a table should be e perfect choice.
  • Open the suitcase. Than you will find a zipper that’s in the bottom left or right corner of your luggage. Open it up to get to that wheels holder. Pull the fabric out of the way to see the three screws.
  • Take a screwdriver to remove the screws, or a drill also can do the job for removing the screws (use a large size approx. 5,5 mm).
  • When everything is done, take the holder of the wheels out. if it get stock, just pull it a little bit harder.
  • Remove the axle that hold the wheels, in order to replace the new ones. Take a drill with a 5,5 mm or 6 mm drill bits (if the bits a small then use bigger ones), and place it in the head of the axle and start the drill, slowly push the drill in until the axle fall off.
  • Then take the old wheels and prepare the new one for the final step, which is the installations.

4. Replace The New Wheels

  • Now take the new wheels that you bought, and put the two metals nuts that comes with them on each side (sometimes the metal nuts are already in the wheels). And put them inside the wheel holder.
  • Take the axel and make it go through the wheels and the holder holes. It can get a little bit tricky because you need to line everything up.
  • When all things are lined up, then just push the axle to hold it possetion and tight everything up slowly.
  • Now your done, you just need to put the holder of the wheels back into the suitcase. And make sure that you get it in the right side.


Like everything in life, luggage do die after spending some years serving you. It won’t stay the same as it was at the beginning. Everything will get damaged no matter what you do to protect it. And even if it’s still good, you probably will want a new one.

Buying a new luggage is a good idea, but if you don’t have the budget for it just search what’s wrong with your current suitcase. And once you find out, go ahead and fix, and hopefully it will last for more couple of years.

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if you want to replace your Samsonite luggage wheels by yourself at your home. This guide will help you do that with no time with the help of some tools.

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