How To Make Your Luggage Weigh Less

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We all enjoy those moments when we are starting to plan for a vacation, it’s so exciting to plan where to go, what to do, and so much more. But one of the biggest problems all travelers face is the overweight baggage. We all felt that experience in the airport, at least one time.

When you start packing, especially for those who don’t travel a lot, they always pack anything that they see in front of them, jackets, jeans, T-Shirts, bunch of underwear, and more. at they end they end up overpacking and paying a lot of money in luggage fees. lately baggage fees becomes more expensive than your flight ticket.

Sometimes people do pack the exact weight required for that airline baggage restrictions, but they are still facing problems when they want to get back. Because the luggage weight become more heavy with all the souvenirs and the gifts that they buy along the trip. 

Making your luggage weight less is a must to do if you want to travel with peace of mind, and with a small budget. Unless you don’t have a problem spending extra fees money. So the question is how to make your luggage weight less.

There are a lot of things that you should do in order to get rid of some extra weight. And make you luggage even lighter. Here are some few tips that you can use today to make your suitcase lighter and avoid any pesky baggage fees.

Choose a Lighter Luggage

When packing, most people tend to try and cut some weight from the contents of their luggage, but many travelers overlook the weight of the luggage  itself. 

Choosing a lighter luggage can be so effective when it comes to packing lighter. So make sure that you find the lightest bag to travel with, it doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it can carry your essentials. That should do the job.

Most solo traveler or even family type travelers, always choose a duffel bags instead of the more traditional suitcases and wheeled luggage. Because a very large duffel bag that can hold everything you need can weight just under two pounds (0.90 kg), and that’s so light for an empty bag.

There’s also some suitcases with wheels that weigh less, like carry on luggage with 21 inch, that weight anything between 7.9 lbs (3.62 kg) to 10.2 lbs (4.54 kg). That’s a good weight for a carry on luggage.

But the only problem is that, it’s a little bit small, so it will be a bit hard to pack especially if you are not used to pack for traveling.

Use a Carry on Bag

One of the best ways to keep your luggage weight less, is by taking a carry on bag with you. The best type you should go with is a backpack.

Most airlines allow you to bring one carry on bag and one personal bag. That’s why you should take either a backpack or a small duffel bag to pack some extra items on them. you can simply put the carry on under your seat or in the overhead dins. 

backpacks or small duffel bags are super useful in travel, they can hold a lot of things like light clothes, shoes, electronic items and more. The backpack can also make you bring your laptop with you on the airplane instead of leaving it inside your suitcase and let it under a risque of getting damage by the airport handlers. 

One of the good things about having a small carry on bag with you, is if your luggage get lost or delayed in the airport. You can be okay for at least one night or more with the thing that you packed in them.

If you don’t have a backpack, or you think it’s a bit expensive for you. Just buy a small duffel bag, it’s ship and useful for holding extra items and make you suitcase even lighter.

Invest in Yourself

When you want to travel, you should always wear something heavy and warm, because the airport is always cold. And of course you don’t want to get sick while traveling, that could make your whole trip upside down. Take that in your advantage and wear a coat or a hoodie to keep yourself warm and also to keep your luggage light.

Sweatshirts, coat, and hoodies all have large pockets that can be stuffed with small electronic items, or even some small clothing. These items are small but heavy and add extra weight to your checked bags. That’s why picking up items using your clothes is the easiest way to avoid paying overweight baggage fees.

However, even if you stuffed all your small items inside your hoodie or coat, you’d still need to take everything out to go through security. So it’s probably best to just take the whole thing off and put it in its own little bin for the x-ray machines.

Buy Things When You Arrive

You don’t need to pack everything in your house with you when traveling. Pack only the essentials. The place that you’re going to is probably have shops, malls to buy stuff. 

So if you feel like you don’t have to take some extra items but at the same time you feel like doing so, Just don’t. and wait until you arrive at your destination and then buy whatever else you need.

By doing this you will make your luggage weigh more lighter to avoid airline weight fees. Also you will have some extra space in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts for your friends and your family.

Make a List / Pack in Packing Cubes

You always need to list down the things that you need in your trip. To avoid packing stuff that you will not use. By making a list of clothes, electronic items, and toiletries. You will have a clear idea of what you need and what you don’t need.

And with that you will find out that your stuff are well organized and your luggage weight is way lighter.

One more thing you should do to organize your cloth properly is by using a Packing Cubes, these packing cubes will help you a lot to define how many pieces of cloth you should bring with you on the trip.

Note: try to pack each outfit separately, that will help to not pack stuff that you will not use.

Weight Your Luggage Before Traveling

This may seem pretty obvious, but trust me many travellers has no idea how much their luggage actually weights until they’re in the check-in line. So make sure that before you decided to go to the airport, always weight your luggage.

Knowledge is power, so do some research before you fly as different airlines has different baggage rules. In other words, the amount you can pack in your suitcase depends on which airline you’re flying with. So don’t forget to do your research.

Weight and measure each one of your bags at home, if you have a Scale that would be more effective and you will have the true numbers. 

Flying will never be fun, but taking some of these precautions will make your experience at the airport go much more smoothly, and maybe a little cheaper as well.


Now you know these simple but effective tips that will allow you to have a very light suitcase then anybody else. From now on don’t worry about baggage fees while flying to your destination. And don’t worry about packing stuff that you will not need.

Just remember to check the airline baggage restrictions that you choose and go enjoy your next lightweight trip.

If you have any questions about the topic? or you’d like to add more helpful information based on your personal experience. you are more than welcome to leave a comment in the comment section bellow.  

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your luggage weight need to match your airline baggage limits. In this post i'll explain everything you need to know about how to make your luggage weight less

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