overweight luggage is a serious topic for all travelers. Know how much it cost if you have a overweight luggage. And also learn how to avoid paying baggage fees

How Much Does It Cost If You Have An Overweight Luggage

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One of the biggest nuisances for all travelers when going on a trip, is the constant worries about your overweight luggage. And then, the even bigger worry is when going back with all the new souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends. 

One of the things that can skyrocket your cost for air travel is paying for overweight luggage, that could cost you a lot. But how much does it really cost if you have an overweight luggage?

It will generally cost you between $75 to $200 USD per bag, this number is dependent on route and travel class, also depend on which airline you choose to go with. Some airlines start from $25 to $200 and others start from $100 to $200.

You may ask yourself why do airlines charge all this for an overweight baggage. Well, they are under financial pressure to offset the cost of rising fuel prices, that’s why many of them now charge excess baggage fees for checking one or more pieces of luggage. Some are even charge for carry on too.

In this article I will give you some ideas on how much an overweight baggage fee will cost you for some different airlines. Also I will give you some tips to avoid paying that.

Consider The Luggage Weight

When you start packing, a lot of people tend to try leave some items from their luggage just to stay under the baggage limits. But they forget to check the weight of the luggage itself. 

Traveling with a lighter luggage can be so effective when it comes to avoid paying those heavy baggage fees. Just make sure that your suitcase or backpack or duffel bag are not that heavy. your luggage doesn’t need to be that perfect, as long as it has enough storage capacity that allow you to pack most of your important items.

One way to avoid heavy luggage weight is by travel with a duffel bag. Most travelers these days, tend to travel with those kind of bags because they are super light, and they has lot’s of room inside as well as outside. The very large duffel bag that can hold anything you want can weigh less than two pounds (0.90 Kg). 

Some suitcases are also not that heavy, like the carry on type and the medium size ones. Most if carry on luggage has about 7 lbs (3.2 kg) to 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in weight. the only problem is that they don’t have mush storage space to hold everything you want. So you need to master the art of packing if you want to go with just a carry on. But if you combine it with a large duffel bag or a backpack, then you will have enough space.

Table of different luggage with their weight:

Luggage TypeLength (Inches)PoundsKilos
Small Suitcase21 - 227 - 103.2 - 4.5
Medium Suitcase
24 - 267.5 - 123.4 - 5.4
Large Suitcase28 - 308.5 - 133.9 - 5.9
Duffel bag20 - 22 - 251 - 40.4 - 1.8
Backpack_4 - 101.8 - 4.5

Make a List Of Items That You Need To Overweight Luggage

Making a list of things that you need for your trip is very helpful and it can be a lifesaving when it comes to paying a baggage fee at the airport. 

By doing this you will avoid packing stuff that you will not use on your trip, and you will have a clear idea of what you will need and what you will not need for the trip. And that’s very helpful to avoid overweight luggage.

Just grab a notebook and start writing the essentials that you think you need, such as electronic item like charger, extra batteries headphones, and toiletries like Toothbrush or a small hair dryer, and clothes. When you end up doing this you will find out that you picked the most important stuff, and hopefully they will not be to many.  

One more important thing that will help you pack light is, by using a Packing Cubes, packing cubes are super useful when if comes to define which are the important thing to bring, and the things you should leave behind. Also they will help to keep everything well organized.

Be The First To Weight Your Luggage Before Flying

Knowing the weight of your luggage before going to the Airport is becoming increasingly essential. Because if you don’t, you can pay up to $100 or more if your suitcase is even a single pound over its weight limit.

Many people tends to skip this part, because they don’t know how important it is until the airport agent tell’s them that they has more weight then they should have. So they end up paying a lot of money for baggage fees. So make sure that before you go out of your home, always check the weight of your luggage.

don’t forget to check the rules of the airport that you choose to fly with. go to their main website or search the internet, and you will have a clear idea on what they are recommending and what not. In other words, the amount of stuff you can pack in your suitcase depends on which Airline you’re flying with. So do your research.

buy a high quality Luggage Scale to weigh your luggage at home. You can weigh the luggage with the bathroom scale but that will not give you the right numbers. The luggage Scale is made specifically to weight luggage, that’s why he’s so specific with that.

Table Of Baggage Fees In Different Airlines

Airline Excess baggage fees
Qatar Airways$25 - $55 per kg online

$30 - $70 at airport
Jet2£12 per kg ($18.80 USD)
Aer Lingus€10 per kilo($11.25 USD)
€75 per bag on long haul flights ($84.37 USD)
British Airways£36 - £65 per bag depending on route and travel class ($45-$81.4 USD)
Delta€100 - €200 per bag depending on weight and route of travel ($112.5-$225 USD)
Air France€75 - €250 per bag ($84.4-$281 USD)
EmiratesFrom £26 per kg ($32.6 USD)
Turkish AirlinesFrom €4 - €32 per kg depending on route ($4.5 - $36 USD)
Virgin Atlantic£65 if overweight ($81.4 USD)
Ryanair£11 per kg ($13.8 USD)
Norwegian£9 per kg, per leg ($11.3 USD)

Source: skyscanner

Other Tips

  • Back yourself up with a carry on backpack: backpacks a super useful to hold up some extra items thanks to their big main compartment. They also can help you to be fins for one night or one day if your luggage get lost or delayed at the airport. Backpacks can help you to avoid baggage fees. 
  • Wear some heavy cloth: if you have a lot of clothes in your suitcase, and you can’t leave any of them at home. The best solution for that is to wear the heavy ones such as jackets, coats, shoes. you will save up some space in your luggage, also you will protect yourself from getting sick while flying.
  • Don’t back everything: if you packing, make sure to pack just the essentials. The place that you are going to is probably has malls and shops, so you can buy anything that you’d like there. Pack the expensive essentials, and the cheap ones buy it when you arrive at your destination. 
  • Travel with a duffel bag: if it’s possible you can always travel with duffels, duffel bags are big and strong, and they can hold anything you want inside. The most amazing things about them, is they are super light. Some people don’t like traveling with duffels because they will be forced to carry them around all the time. But there’s also wheeled duffel bags that will make travel with them much more easier.

Extra Information

The Airline weight limit is 50 lbs (22.60 kg)

  • Most Airlines allow one carry on item, and one personal item (carry inside the plane)
  • Amarican Airline passenger can check up to 5 bags 
  • Up to 10 bags to check per passenger for other airlines
  • Get some discount of baggage fees by paying them online


Overweight fees are so expensive these days. And for people that they want to travel the world with a small budget, it can be a little bit difficult for them if they pack so much stuff.

The actual fees charged for checked luggage will vary depending on your specific fare class, loyalty status, type of airlines, and other factors. For additional information on any airline type, please check their main website and search if that airline will suit you or not.

If you find it expensive, don’t give up there is a ton of airline companies out there that offers good deals for travelers. Just keep searching until you find the perfect one for you.

if you find this guide helpful, leave a comment bellow in the comment section. we’d love to hear from you. 

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overweight luggage can cost you a lot of money in the airport. Know how much does it cost, and Learn how to avoid paying does heavy baggage fees

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