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How Much Does a 2 Week Trip Cost To Thailand

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Thailand is one of the best and cheapest countries in the world to visit, it is considered to be a safe travel destination and it stands as a favorite among travelers. 

But still people want to know how much does a 2 week trip to Thailand cost? Of course it depends on where your from, what kind of accommodations you want, what you want to see in Thailand, and more.

 This article will focus on those backpacking travelers.

The average cost for 2 weeks trip to Thailand is anything between $1000 – $1400 USD, and that means you need $50 – $80 USD per day. You must be thinking right now this is a bit expensive then it looks, you need to know that the flight will take half of your money, and if you remove the cost of it, then you only need $35 USD per day. And that is good.

If you travel to Thailand in high seasons ( from December to March ), you need to know that the prices will be much much higher. They can get up higher to 20 percent or more, so if you are not trying to spend lots of money just pick a normal month like April Or September .

And like everywhere, there are some regions that are less expensive than others. And in Thailand the north such as Chiang Mai or Pai are cheaper than the south like Bangkok and Thai islands.

NOTE: all of this is just estimated amounts, you can spend a lot less (or more) then that. You can eat foods with cheap prices, you can find the cheapest hostel to save that $8 or more dollars per day. But I don’t think that is gonna worth it, specially in beautiful country like Thailand, Just spend a little more and enjoy your trip.

Airfare To Thailand

The airfare obviously depends on where are you from in the world. But an average flights to Bangkok from the U.S is between $500 – $600 USD, this number could change for lots of reasons, like first place in the plane which provide more comfort but needs more money.

 And also if you don’t have a time issues you can take a cheaper flight which include two longer stopover.

And if you arrived to Thailand, you should consider taking domestic flights, to save up some times. The flights are not that expensive, you can go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for just $30 USD on some budget airlines such as Thai Lion Air, Bangkok Airways, or Nok Air. and there are some other expensive flights, but they don’t go above $100 USD.

NOTE: the luggage weight limit is 20 Kg which is not that good, because you can reach it very quickly, however you can pay about 10 dollars for 1 Kg.

Accommodations in Thailand


The accommodation prices in Thailand change from south to north, you can find some higher hotel rates in the south, that’s because of the amazing beaches. Krabi (Railay, Ao Nang) or Phuket (Ya Nui Beach).

You can rent a bed in a dorm for just 8 dollars per night, or you can have a room in a 5 star hotel with WiFi, breakfast, security and all other essentials for hundreds of dollars. And that’s the amazing things about Thailand, there is an option for every budget in every city.

In Bangkok you can have a double room with bathroom in a middle class hotel in the city center for $38, and you can find in the same city a hostel room with just $17.

Luxury hotels –  in Thailand there’s a lot of luxury hotels everywhere, those 4 or 5 star hotels can cost anything between $100 to $300 per night. That is a bit expensive, but if you have the money for it, and you want to have an unforgettable trip you should spend some nights in there.  

Food And Drinks


The food in Thailand is very delicious and cheap, you can eat different types of foods from the street vendors for just $5 or sometimes less. And the price go between $5 to $7 in restaurants.

There’s some special restaurants and bars in Thailand can be a little bit expensive like the Vertigo Sky Bar in Bangkok, you can spend 17 Dollars for just a cocktail.

 Or the Cabbage restaurant where you can spend up $13 for normal dish which is already expensive in Thailand. But the street foods will be your cheapest option.

You can spend approx $150 and up to $200 on foods for 2 weeks in Thailand per person. It definitely possible to spend less or more depends on what you need, and how do you want your trip to go.

The Local Transportation


In Thailand the local transportation are not that expensive, but the one big problem that they have is, they are super slow, and they will waste so much of your time. 

So it’s probably better to take a local flight depends on where you’re going, you will save time and even money.

Train – trains are crazy cheap, you can take a third-class ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for under $10, or a 2nd class sleeper with air conditioning for just $23. Even if it’s slow but if you run out of budget, that’s your best option.

Buses – the local buses are about 0.30 dollar, while the metro or skytrain in Bangkok starts at 0.50 per station. 

The Tuk Tuks cost about $1 for every 5 minutes, but just keep in mind that some drivers when they see that you are one one of the local, they will demand more than that price, because they want to take advantage of tourists.

 the taxis are your best option since a 5 km journey will cost just about $2.

But those local transportation are limited in some islands, so you may need to rent a scooter. And that should be more fun.

Tourist Fees / Attraction Thailand

Thailand has an interesting culture and a lot of  popular templates all around the country. Like when you visiting Bangkok, you should not miss the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and the historical park (sukhothai) and many more. 

However, some templates are free but others you need to pay some money to enter, just around $2 – $5.

The boat tour, hiking, driving, and jungle trekking can cost between $16 – $65 per person. you can always negotiate lower prices if you see the price doesn’t match the activity that you want to do. 

Thailand is big and it has plenty of main attraction to visit just plan your way and go have fun.

Other Spending

Massages – you can spend some extra money on massages if you want to relax and enjoy yourself. There’s lots of street massages for a cheap price, some of them are even less than $10.

Malls and Markets – Thailand has some biggest malls in Asia, and all the tourist buy stuff from them, however the quality of the product is quite low on almost everything. So you need to check carefully before buying.

Souvenirs – every one of us always buy souvenirs from each of our trips, just to remember some specific things happened in that trip. or to buy them for your family as will, some of the souvenirs are cheap, and some others are expensive, but the price is approximately about $20 to $30.

Mobile Internet – if you need the internet to be in you phone, you can simply buy a SIM card for about $17, that has 10 GB internet or more.

Final Thoughts

Thailand is one of the cheapest places in the world to visit, and also considered in the past couple of years, as one of the popular destinations for all types of travelers, solo, family, and couples.

It will cost you less than a $1400 USD to visit this lovely country in 2 weeks, in a regular way.

But if you want to eat in the fanciest restaurant, and to drink the classy wine, and have the biggest room in popular city with a beautiful view, and go diving every day, then you probably need to save up really hard for it. 

And if you already have the money, than I highly recommend a trip to Thailand.

now you know how much does a 2 weeks trip to Thailand cost. Anyway, i hope you found what are you looking for from this article. And if you have any questions about it, let me know in the comment section below.

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Thailand is a beautiful place to travel to. However, how much you can spend in 2 weeks in thailand, find the answer here.

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