Are Luggage Locks Necessary

Are Luggage Locks Necessary

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The worst thing that can happen to any traveler is to have their things stolen, especially from their luggage. Unfortunately it happens all the time! One of the studies found that airline travelers filed about 8000 yearly claims against the TSA for losing items from their checked luggage. You must be thinking now, Are Luggage Locks Necessary? 

The answer of that question is simply YES, Luggage Locks are Necessary if you want to add more security and protection to your checked luggage, and make sure that your bags will arrive at your destination safe and sound. The best lock you can get to your luggage is a TSA approved lock. 

When you are not around your luggage after you put them to the check in carousel, you always wonder what will happen to them. The luggage passes by a lot of steps from X-ray scanner, to the TSA agents (if needed), to the baggage handlers. If you want to know more check my other article about “What Happens To Your Luggage After You Check It”.

According to the recent report by CNN, The value of property reported missing from checked bags between 2010 and 2014 was a whopping $2.5 million. To avoid that, use some locks to add more security to your luggage.

Having a luggage locks will add more security to your luggage during the flight, also it’ll make it more difficult for baggage handlers or even security officers to root through your belongings at the airport, as well as outside of it.

The luggage locks also will help your luggage to not get accidentally opened while in transit, or when the handlers start throwing it around to avoid extra work.

They will help to protect your luggage against unnecessary attention from thieves, and keep your belongings safe. 

The TSA agent can unlock your suitcase very easily if you have a TSA-approved lock without them having to break in or damage your luggage or luggage lock.

Also you can use them to secure your luggage in the hotel, hostel, or in the transportation like bus, or taxis and more.

TSA Approved Locks

To ensure the safety of the passengers traveling too and through the USA, the TSA scanners screens anything from checked luggage to carry on before allowing the luggage onto any airline flight.

If you really want to secure your luggage, choose one of the many TSA approved locks available online, or you can even buy them from the airports. 

That way your luggage will be easily accessible to the TSA agents while remaining secure and protected while you travel. Those TSA-Approved locks are designed to be locked with a universal “master” key. The master key is only available to TSA agents, so your belongings will be safe during the research (if needed).

The TSA agents have all the rights to open your luggage if they need to be physically inspected. And if you use a non-TSA approved lock, they will rip it off your bag.

One other thing you can do is to buy a suitcase with built-in a TSA approved lock. There are a lot of suitcases with that amazing feature. Which means you will not have to buy any extra locks to secure your luggage.

Note: not all the security officers outside the U.S. have the same master keys, so even a TSA-approved lock could be cut off if you’re traveling internationally.

Protect Your Valuable

All The luggage locks, even the TSA approved lock one do little to actually protect and secure your belongings. In fact, any thief or anyone can open your suitcase without breaking the lock, and without leaving a single trace behind. Just go and do a quick search on YouTube, and you’ll find it for yourself. All they need is a simple ballpoint pen.

All they need to do is simply insert the pen tip along the seam of the zipper, break the seam apart and open your bag, and move the luggage locks to the side. When they finish they pull the lock back, and your bag is closed and you can’t feel a thing until you open it.

That’s why you should never pack your valuables inside your checked luggage. Instead pack them with you in your carry on bags. Laptop, camera, jewelry, tablet, wallets, phones, all those things keep them near you and not in the checked luggage. 

The souvenirs that you bought through your trip should also be placed in your carry-on, if they are a little bit heavy and big, package them and shipped them home separately. Be sure to not forget tracking numbers, and the insurance on the package.

Other Ways To Add More Security To Your Luggage

There are several ways to secure your luggage and protect your belongings from getting stolen inside and outside the airport.  

You can use a luggage straps, they has several uses. The main one is to keep your luggage closed and secure. the majority of the straps are made from durable material so they can withstand the tests of travel. Some of them has a TSA-approved locks.

You can lock your suitcase by using a zip ties, which are cheap and strong and they will do a good job protecting your stuff. Even if the TSA agents slice them off, you wouldn’t mind because they are not that expensive.

Some travelers like’s to wrap their luggage in plastic, because that makes the bag harder to break into, also it protects the outside of the suitcase from getting damaged during the flight. This servers is offered in many airports by some big companies such as Secure Wrap. 

The TSA agents will cut the plastic if they need to search your bag. 

When You Should (Shouldn’t) Use A Luggage Locks

If you’re going on a trip, you might want to lock your luggage inside and outside the airport. Like if you’re staying in a hostel with strangers, or while traveling on a crowded train or bus or ship. Also if you want more protection you need to lock your suitcase at the hotels in case some housekeepers want to steal something of yours.

However, if your luggage are nearby, you are free to take the lock away because you got your easy on them. But we recommend to use the lock at all times until you get back to your home.


Now that you know how important luggage locks are when you traveling. You will always put them into your suitcase to give yourself a stress free vacation. 

The TSA agents will get into your belongings if they needed. However, if you have a TSA approved locks, your luggage will stay safe and sound. 

Bottom line, you should do what makes you feel safer, and the safest bet is probably to keep anything valuable in your carry on luggage, and even if something happens to your checked luggage, your valuables will be safe.

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secure your pretty luggage with luggage locks.

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