7 Perfect Four Piece Luggage Sets For Big Family Travel

7 Perfect Four Piece Luggage Sets For Big Family Travel

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When planning for a big family trip, the first thing that will think off is how you will pack all of your family’s clothes and essentials. When you reach this point there is only one solution for you, a high quality 4 piece luggage sets will do the job. 

Traveling with family is fun, but it can be difficult to prepare for. Because you don’t want to forget the baby’s diaper, or your kids laptops or some important stuff at home. that’s probably will ruin the vacation for you and your family. So you need to have more space for everything.

Buying luggage sets can save you more money than buying them individually. because they are less expensive together then they would be separately. Below you will see what I’m talking about. However, choosing the best 4 piece luggage can be a little difficult because of the many options you will find in the market these days.

In this post I listed 7 Perfect Four Piece Luggage Set For Big Family Travel. And by the end of it we’re sure that you will find the set that will suit you the best.

1. Coolife 4 Piece Luggage Set

The Coolife 4 piece luggage set will give you all the space you and your family need to have one of the best trip in your life. You will be able to pack everything you need instead of leaving things in your house. This hard-side luggage is Made of lightweight and durable PC and 100% ABS material which is scratch-resistant, also a Molded corner guard reinforcements for absorbing and deflecting shock for maximum impact resistance. It is flexible, durable and super strong to absorb stress. This set can fit inside one another when not in use, which allow you to store them easily and save on space.

Storage :

The Coolife 4 Luggage Set have enough storage space that can hold most of your items with ease. The small one has a storage capacity of 30L, The carry-on has a capacity of 38 liters, the medium 60 liters, and the large checked one has 93 liters. As the handle retracts into the suitcase, it takes up some of the storage space inside the main compartment. 

Like most other hard-side suitcases they open up in a 50/50 split which give you more flexibility while packing. With fully lined interior and the mesh pockets you can organize things the way you like. And the X-Down straps will help keep everything in place while moving.


The amazing Coolife has some modern features like the telescoping handles which are in each suitcase, these handle will make you feel confident and different while rolling the bag, and the ergonomic aluminum handles will make sure that your hands are very comfortable. The TSA approved lock will keep your essentials safe and secure while they are not with you. Also the four 360 degree spinner wheels will give you a smooth maneuverability.

Size and Weight:
  • 16 inch: 19 x 12.75 x 8.25 with weight of 4.7L
  • 20 inch: 22.5″ x 15.5″ x 9.25″ with weight of 6.3L
  • 24 inch: 26.5″x18.25″ x 10.25″ with weight of 7.9L
  • 28 inch: 30.25 x 20.75 x 11.75 with weight of 10L

2. Travel Select Amsterdam 4 Piece Set

If you want to go and have a wonderful trip with your big lovely family, but you don’t have enough money to buy a set that can hold all of your items. The traveler’s choice is your best option to go with. This 4 piece set have all the space you need in your trip. It is made from 1200D two-tone polyester and 600 D polyester with Nylon lining, which means that this rolling luggage set can handle most hard travel conditions.

The set includes 3 upright cases and a medium sized travel tote for toiletries with a piggy back strap which slips over your upright case handles with ease.


Travel Select Amsterdam 4 Piece Set will make sure that you will not be forced to leave anything behind. Each piece of the set has multiple front zippered pockets for added storage and organizational space. Those pockets are good for storing small items like papers, passports, wallet, phone and more. Also a Large interior zippered mesh lid pocket and dual shoe pockets.

The suitcases can expand up to 25% to increase packing capacity when needed. And the elastic tie-down straps will make everything in the same place you store them before. The tote has Front zipper pocket, top carry handle and an adjustable and detachable non-slip padded shoulder strap to add maximum comfort while carrying it around.


This luggage set features an Interior handle system. Inline skate wheels with corner protectors provide smooth and quiet rolling. an Expand feature that adds up to 25% more packing storage. A multiple front pockets for added storage and organizational space. Dual top and side carry handles. Large zippered lid pocket that provides additional organizational space. And elastic tie straps that help compress belongings to prevent shifting.

Size And Weight:

Size And Weight:
  • 29 inch: 29″ x 17″ x 10″ with weight of 9.5L
  • 25 inch: 25″ x 12″ x 9″ with weight of 8.5L
  • 21 inch: 21″ x 13.5″ x 7.5″ with weight of 7.7L
  • Tote: 15 x 11 x 6 with weight of 2L

3. Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Set

Rockland Four-Piece Impact Spinner Luggage Set is one of the most current luggage sets that have been in the market for a long time. Due to its unique features and the affordable price too. This luggage set is made from Heavy duty 1680 denier nylon material, with Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle Which mean it will do a great job holding and protecting your belongings.

This set allows you to pack even more items while avoiding the overweight baggage fees at the airlines. The four multi directional spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees will give you easy maneuverability in crowded areas.


This amazing 4 piece luggage set can provide a lot of storage space for you and your family. The small one can hold up to 39.8L, the carry on has a maximum capacity of 48.7L, the medium one can hold 72.4L, and the large one has a 102.7L. Each one of the suitcases has multiple front zippered pockets to hold small items and maximize storage capacity.

The fully lined interior with some pockets will help you organize your stuff the right way, and with the top and side handles you can choose the most comfortable way to grab the suitcases.


Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Luggage Set feature a Multi-directional spinner wheels that will make the luggage roll smoothly in any surface. Sturdy ergonomics aluminum telescoping handle to give that extra maneuverability while rolling the bags. Interior mesh zip pocket and elasticity. And two smaller size luggage will fit on the carry-on. 

Unfortunately the set don’t include a built-in TSA approved lock, and it comes with a limited number of colors.

Size And Weight:
  • 30 inch: 30 x 11″ x 19″ with weight of 12L
  • 26 inch: 20″ x 10 x 17″ with weight of 10L
  • 22 inch: 22″ x 9″ x 15 with weight of 9L
  • 18 inch: 18″ x 9 x 15″ with weight of 8L

4. U.S Traveler New Yorker 4-Piece Set

The four-piece us traveler new yorker constructed of lightweight and durable fabrication. The set includes three upright pieces and a tote that you can put under your seat to crap things quickly when needed. also the upright pieces have adjustable strap giving you the ability to carry them like purses or briefcases. The set is Constructed of lightweight and durable tear-resistant fabrication. 

If you run out of budget and still want a good quality 4 piece set, the U.S Traveler New Yorker is your next luggage sets. The four piece has a maximum storage capacity of over 130L, plus if you need more room, the suitcase has an expandable feature that can provide up to 25% of space.


The  U.S Traveler New Yorker is one of the best luggage set in the market thanks to it high quality constructed and space that offer. The suitcases has a Fully-lined interior with organizer and zippered mesh pocket to help you organize all of your items the way you want, and the tie-down straps will make sure that your belongings stays organized until you reach your destination.

Also it has a multiple front zipper pockets for easy access to your small items like charger, phone, tablet, snacks and more. And if you have some shoes packing problem, don’t worry anymore, the dual shoe pockets will give you plenty of space for your shoes and other essentials.


The luggage set features an inline skate wheels to get where you’re going faster, also this set is very affordable and offered some good quality. A Push-button easy-glide handle system with built-in ID window on back panel. An Adjustable add-a-bag strap allows an additional bag to be carried effortlessly. A Dual top, side carry handles and bottom grip handles allow easy lifting.

Size And Weight:
  • 29 inch: 29″ x 17″ x 10.5″ with weight of 11.8L
  • 25 inch: 25 x 15″ x 9.5″ with weight of 9L
  • 21 inch: 21″ x 13.5″ x 8″ with weight of 7.7L
  • Tote: 15″ x 10″ x 7 with weight of 2L

5. American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT Set

The Best thing about this sets, is that it comes with a phenomenal price for travelers who don’t have enough money to buy a full set. The set is made of ultra-lightweight 600D shiny polyester construction. Which mean it is strong, durable and flexible set.

If you want even more storage capacity, you can buy the 5 piece set to carry more items and essentials. However, be careful to not crash the weight limit for your airline or you will pay a lot of money. And we all know the baggage fees sometimes can be more expensive than the ticket itself.


The Fieldbrook XLT Set from American Tourister offer you and your family a lot of storage capacity with multiple interior and exterior organizational pockets to keep things well organized. This set includes a very large wheeled duffel bag with a big front zipper. If you are traveling by yourself, just the tote will be enough to carry your items if you pack them the right way.

However, this luggage set are perfect for big family trips to anywhere, most users claim that they had a good experience with it, and they are excited to have more family trips in the future.


The set features a smooth rolling in-line skate wheels for effortless mobility. a reinforced corners protect the wheels from most harshest travel conditions. Push-button locking handle that is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. A wheeled large duffel bag. Unfortunately the duffel bag don’t have retractable handles. However, You can pull it from the top end handle on the bag.

Size And Weight:
  • Tote: 10″H x 15″W x 6.5″D 
  • Wheeled Duffel: 11.5″H x 23″W x 12″D 
  • 21 inch: 21″H x 14″W x 7″D 
  • 25 inch: 25″H x 16.5″W x 8″D

6. Steve Madden 4 piece Luggage

The four-piece Steve Madden is one of the most fashionable and desirable luggage in the market, and it’s highly recommended for those who love traveling in class. It is a lightweight set designed to handle all kinds of travel, with 360 degree spinner wheels that help rolling it easier through the hard airport surfaces. The luggage set is made from nylon fabric to provide your belongs with maximized protection.

The Lightweight construction will make you avoid airline fees which make it best suitcase for domestic and international family travels. The set offers a tremendous amount of storage space up to 200L in maximum size. That’s a lot of space to carry clothes and other essentials for almost 3 to 4 weeks.


The inside is big enough to carry a lot of items and with the tie-down straps all of your stuff will stay in place while on the go. It doesn’t have much organization in the inside so you probably need to make sure that you organize your stuff well or it may be a little messy when you arrive. 

The carry on can hold up to 35L. The medium suitcase can hold up to 69L? And the big one can hold 100L.

The three upright suitcases has a fully lined interior and two medium sized zipper exterior pockets which giving you some extra space to store some small essentials for quick access when needed, it comes in Black or Purple and the most classy color, the Brown, This sharp looking piece with Steve Madden signature lining will keep you traveling in style.


The Steve Madden 4 piece Luggage has some modern features like 360 degree spinner wheels that allow the bag to move even smoother and faster in any surface, also the wheels has a very Wide positioning provides better balance and resistance from falling forward. The telescopic push button handle system also offer high stability over a variety of surfaces especially crowded airport.

Size And Weight:
  • Carry-on: 21.5″ x 14.2″ x 10.2″ with weight of 7.8L
  • Medium: 25.5″ x 16.2″ x 11.7″ with weight of 8.9L
  • Large: 29.5″ x 18.2″ x 12.8″ with weight of 10.1L
  • Tote: 18″ x 12″ x 10″ with weight of 3.5L

7. Murtisol 4 Pieces ABS Luggage Sets

Plan for after-graduation trip? or a family trip? or a honey trip? Murtisol Suitcase sets could match all your needs. These pieces of 16” 20’’ 24’’ 28’’ luggage travel set suitcases will surely cover your travelling needs whatever a short business trip or a long family vacation. Made of premium ABS material, it is a heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, pressure-resistant and waterproof.

The 4 piece luggage set have enough room for everything you will need during your trip. the affordable price of this set makes it a very popular choice for budget people.


The Murtisol Suitcase sets has enough space that can hold up to one full month of cloth if you know how to Pack Them Like a Pro. This set will do a great job holding and protecting your belongings during your whole trip with your family. The inside has some mesh pockets and X-tie straps will help making your clothes in the same place you pack them in the first place.


This affordable luggage set features a 3-digit password Fashion metal zippers that will make your luggage safe while you’re not around. The Luggage has four lightweight spinner wheels that rotate 360 Degree deving more flexibility when needed. Ergonomically designed push-button telescoping handle makes opening and closing with ease. It comes in three different colors to choose from.

What to Look for in a Good 4 Piece Luggage Set

Here are some important things you need to consider before getting a new 4 Piece luggage set.


Pockets are super useful when it comes to organize your items. If there are things you want to be able to get to quickly like your travel wallet or compression socks, then it’s best to make sure your luggage has pockets. However, only soft-side have comes with this feature. The hard-side luggage only has interior pockets.

Hard-Sided vs Soft-Sided

We’d like to say that this is usually a matter of personal preference, and they both have their pros and cons

Hard-sided luggage sets are waterproof and don’t stain. Many come with spinners and a TSA-approved lock. However, they are heavier, less flexible, and more likely to get scuffed than soft-sided luggage sets.

Soft-sided luggage tends to be more lightweight. Because it’s flexible, it’s easier to overpack as well as squeeze into narrow spaces.

Material / Durability

You need to know that Suitcases are made from a variety of materials. However, Polycarbonate and nylon are the two of the most popular materials in luggage. each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages.

For hard-sided luggage, polycarbonate is a super strong material that will help your things stay protected even if your luggage is tossed around by baggage agents. 

Size / Capacity

This is one of the important things you need to make sure that you check before you buy a new set. If you are traveling along you probably don’t need a 4 piece set, unless you plane is to stay there forever. However, if you take long family vacations, then a three or four-piece set may be perfect for you because of the size they offer.

In-line vs. Spinner Wheels

The in-line spinner wheel are super strong and made from high quality material. However, they only move forward and backward. 

The spinner wheels can rotate 360 degrees and you can move your luggage at any direction you want with ease.


You always need to check the weight of your luggage. As mentioned above, hard-sided luggage sets are usually heavier than soft-sided luggage sets, so keep that in mind when picking your new luggage set.

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