14 Smart Packing Hacks For Carry-on

14 Smart Packing Hacks For Carry-on

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Planning a trip, find your destinations, save some money, they all can not be that difficult. But backing your carry-on the right way, is absolutely can be hard for most people. 

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, You don’t want to bring an unmanageable amount, especially in a carry-on bag, but you don’t want to miss anything important as well. Also you need to make sure that your carry-on luggage will fit within the airline’s restrictions, or you will have some hard time in the airport.

Carry-on luggage don’t have that large storage capacity. However, if you pack it the right way, you will be amazed on how much it can hold. Some people packed a full mouth of clothes in just one Carry-on bag. 

If you are a new travellers or an expert one and you want to learn some packing hacks to make your next trip a breeze. Here’s 14 smart packing hacks for carry-on luggage.

rolling clothes

I bet you already heard about this super useful technique. If you want to pack more clothes inside of your bag, you definitely need to roll them instead of folding them. Roll your clothes all together will save you tons of space to pack more essentials instead of folding them and putting them on top of each other.

Also when you roll your clothes, it’s pretty easy to grab them nice and clean from your suitcase when you need them. But if you fold them up you will be forced to take everything out of your suitcase to take the piece that you need. 

2. Put Heavy Items At The Bottom Of Your Luggage

When you’re packing your Carry-on, put all the heavy items near the wheels of your suitcase. So that when you zip it up and put it upright, the heavy items aren’t gonna fall and crush other things, they’re already going to be on the lower end of your suitcase.

This method also will help keep the balance of your suitcase when it’s standing up or while rolling it around.

3. Use Pill Containers

Pill containers are super useful and cheap, the pretty thing about them is that they have multiple uses. You can use them to hold your jewelry and keep them organized, and protect yourself from losing any of them along the way. This will help girls a lot, because they tend to lose small accessories like earrings or rings.  

You can also use the pill containers to hold some medicine and keep them separated from each other.

4. Packing Cubes

One of the most helpful packing tips that solve many common problems for travelers, is using the Packing Cubes.

You might have heard people talking about packing cubes from time to time, and you probably think that they are not that necessary, because you have your own packing technique and you don’t need them that much.

But the thing that you need to know is that, the packing cubes can help you pack up to two weeks worth of clothing in your carry-on sized suitcase. Imagine that, you’ll be able to free up a lot of space in your checked luggage to pack even more clothing than you think. And all that because of the packing cubes.

They are not that expensive if you compare them with the benefit they’ll give you. Invest in one and see for yourself how important they are when it comes to packing.

5. Sunglass Cases

sunglasess ideas

Sunglass cases aren’t just great for sunglasses, they’re awesome for headphones and cables and other small essentials. Just wear your glasses and pack your small necessary items inside of their cases and put it in the top of your suitcase. So when you need to grab something quick, you will be able to do that.

6. Mark It Fragile

If you’re traveling frequently, I think you know how baggage handlers treat your suitcase. Sometimes they through you bags through air especially if they are a bit heavy just to avoid the extra work (not all handlers are the same).

Your solution is to mark your suitcase as a Fragile with a Sticky note even if it is not. Because the people who are handling your Carry-on they won’t know that it is not fragel but they’ll see the stickers says it is, and hopefully they will be more careful with it.

7. Wear Layers On Your Flight

wearing clothes

If you’re going to a colder destination, wear as many items of clothes as possible for the flight. seriesly, you need to wear layers of clothes not just one or two. wear your big bulky jacket, your big boots, wear two sweatshirts, t-shirts, a long-sleeve, as many as possible.  

You can always take it off when you’re on the plane, so you’re not going to feel like you are in a sauna the whole flight. The moment you’re inside the plane, you’re free to take everything off.

8. Fold Cables Properly

Most people get in trouble with that all the time, because they just stuff the cables inside the bag with no protection, and by doing that the cables could get some damage while traveling. But if you actually wrap them up properly, then they take up a lot less room and you don’t wreck them and have to buy another ones. And to limit the amount of cables you are bringing with you, just see who many electronics has the same cables, you might be surprised. 

Or if you want to be more organized, use Electronics Organizer to help you protect pack even more cables if you need to.

9. Put Dirty Shoes In A Shower Cap

To keep your clothing and anything else in your carry-on luggage from getting dirty, put all of the soles of your shoes in a shower cap. Or invest a little more in a travel Shoes bags sets. With this option you will have plenty of space to store your dirty shoes, or even you clean shoes and keep them separated from your clothes.

10. String Necklaces Through Straws

Here’s one of the big problems while packing you jewelry, most people tend to clump all their necklaces together and put them inside their bags, and they spend hours trying to untangle them.

If you take your necklaces  and string them through a straw, it keeps them nice and untangled during your trip. This packing hack will make your life a lot easier.

11. Use Go Toobs

Bottom line, Go Toobs are a must when it comes to packing like a pro, they are fantastic. They’re great if you just want to pack a carry-on bag. All Go Toobs are under 100 milliliters, so you’re not gonna have any problem in security line. plus you can get out every last drop of any liquid inside them. They are not expensive, and you can choose from one to three sets of them to maximize your liquide capacity.

12. Pack Socks/Underwear In Shoes

Use your shoes as a socks and underwear container to maximize your storage capacity. one single shoes can hold up to three socks if you roll them tightly. 

When you travel with only carry-on you need to use all the spaces you can find to pack everything you need during your trip.

13. Pack a Powerbar

If you’re planning to go internationally and you have plenty of electronics with you. Make sure to bring an adapter of course, but also a Powerbar. That way you can plug up to six different items in to your powerbar, and only have to bring the one international adapter.

14. Check Your Airline Policy

fly airplaine

This is one of the most important things you should check before even start packing. You need to check your airline policy if you want to keep everything nice and smooth. Each airline has his own policy from the dimensions of the bag until the thing that you should not pack.  

The funny thing is that most people forget about this and they end up having some big problems like paying the baggage fees, or leaving things in the airport because they are not allowed to be packed. So always check your airline policy before packing.


That was all the important packing hacks you need to know before start packing your carry-on. I hope you found these tips super helpful, and I hope they make your packing experience easier for you and less stressful for your next vacation. If there’s a packing hacks that you use, that I haven’t mentioned in this post, I really want to hear from you. So leave a comment below and share those with us.

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