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13 Genius Tips to Help You Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

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Everybody loves going on vacation, that’s the best thing to do to relax and have a good time with unforgettable memories. All travelers try to find some of famous and the good places in the to visit. Once they find their destination and they decided to travel, it’s time for them to start packing. But that ‘s not a fun thing to do for most people.

When it comes to packing your suitcase, most people tend to pack things that they will not use on their trip. Because they don’t have the strategy to pack their items the proper way. And at the end they end up overpacking and paying those big baggage fees at the airport.

You need to have a good plan to pack all of your items and not crashing the baggage limits at the airport. Basically you need to pack like a pro that travel all the time in order to stay at your airline weight limit.

But, what if you’re not a pro at packing and you only traveled a few times in your life, or maybe this is your first time going on a flight. It can be hard for you. However, don’t worry we’re here to help make your trip way more easier. All you need to do is follow along and apply these 13 genius tips that would help you pack your luggage like a pro. 

You need to start your packing process by making a list of clothes and stuff that you’ll be wearing for each day of your trip. By doing that you will know exactly what are the  clothes you will be using, and what clothes you will not.   

One of the smartest ideas is that you need to Make sure that the clothes you packed can be mix and match with each other, to have more options and more different outfits.

And be sure to add an extra pair or two of underwear and socks just in case.

Once you listed all the things you will need in the trip. Start packing, and anything you’ve packed cross it off your list. This ensures that you won’t arrive at your hotel to discover that you forgot to pack something vital.

When you finish packing your stuff, bring the list that you made with you to the airport. It can be super helpful if the airport lost your luggage and you want to claim it and describe it well. And also if you figure out that something is missing from it, you will have proof that could help solve that problem.

And for extra self-protection, always pack some clothes in your carry on luggage. Sometimes your suitcase will get lost or delayed, and the last thing you want is to stay with the same cloth that you travel with. So save yourself by packing cloth that would help you for at least one day or two.

2. Use Packing Cubes

One of the most helpful packing tips that solve a lot common problems for travelers, is using the Packing Cubes. 

You might have heard people talking about packing cubes from time to time, and you probably think that they are not that necessary. Because you have your own packing technique and you don’t need them that much.

But the thing that you need to know is that, the packing cubes can help you pack up to two weeks worth of clothing in just your carry on sized suitcase. Imagine that, you’ll be able to free up a lot of space in your checked luggage to pack even more clothing than you think. And all that because of the packing cubes.

One other important thing packing cubes give you is that smooth, simple organization look inside your suitcase. They can help you organize and find things easily in your luggage in case you want to grab something quickly at the airport.

They are not that expensive if you compare them with the benefit they’ll give you. Invest in one and see for yourself how important they are when it comes to packing.

3. Roll It Instead Of Fold It

The common mistake most travelers do, is fold their clothes and put them inside the suitcase. Folding takes up so much room in your suitcase and increases all of your clothes.  

Rolling your clothes is the best thing you can do. Or at least roll some of them because that can help you conserve space and prevent creasing. Plus, The clothes that you rolled up can get stored in some small spaces that normally you don’t use in your suitcase.

You can easily roll all of your clothes from shirts and sweaters to socks and pants. Here’s how you can roll up some of your clothes:

  • For items like shirts and tops, you need to fold the body in half, vertically. then Fold in the sleeves and then roll tight.
  • For items like jeans and pants and jeans, you also need to fold in half and then roll tight.

The video below will help you and show you step by step how you can roll any type of clothes.  

4. Bottom First

You should always place the heavy / bulky items such as shoes and big hairdryers and extra handbags at the bottom of your suitcase. That way you will have more option to place the important thing that you might need to grab quickly at the airport in the top of the suitcase. 

If you have a luggage piece that you’ll be carrying such as duffel bags. The heaviest items should be placed right next to the hinge that attaches the lid. But if you have a suitcase or a wheeled luggage, the bulky bits should be right at the bottom, right above the wheels.

One other tip you can do is by packing some small items like tuck jewelry, socks, gloves, belts and extra glasses inside your shoes and boots or even your packed purses. That way you will maximize space inside your luggage.

Once you finish placing the heavy items in the bottom, use the space in between them for small items like underwear, socks and more.

5. A bag In A Bag Technique

If you are the type of person that likes to buy things, and buy some different souvenirs to remember the places you visit like everybody else. Or if the clothes is your favorite thing to buy while traveling, clothing that you can’t find in your country, so that way when you bring them back and wear them in your city, everyone will wonder where did you get them.  

But you definitely don’t want to leave room in your suitcase for what you may or may not buy.

So the best thing I recommend is a bag inside a bag technique. You need the bag to be made of a thin material so it’s easily collapsible and doesn’t take up much room, the best ones are the small duffel bags.

Take the small bag and put it in the lining of your suitcase and zip it up, and if you do buy stuff that you weren’t planning, you will have an extra bag that you can use.

6. Small Dirty Clothes Bag

In order to keep things organized and clean and smelling nice. I recommend using a dirty clothes bag. This doesn’t have to be a huge bag or a professional one, just a small clean bag will do the job.  

That way when you’re at your destination. You will have a spot to put your dirty underwear, socks, your muddy shoes, basically whatever that you use and got really dirty. You just take the dirty clothes and put them in the small dirty clothes bag. So  everything will be separated, clean and organized.   

Some people use Plastic Bags too. So if they have some wet clothes and they don’t have much time to let them dry, they just put them inside those plastic bags and pack them into the suitcase. That way the plastic don’t let the water drop out and ruined the other clothes.

I highly recommend bringing a dirty clothes bag, because while traveling you don’t know what will happen to your clothes.

7. Essentials Bag In Your Carry On

One of the things that always you should do is packing some items in your essential bag in your carry on luggage. It’ll have your toothbrush, your toothpaste, face wash, deodorants, basically whatever you need from day to day. Wrap it all up and put it in a small bag and put it at the bottom of your carry on so, it’s not on the way of anything that you might need on your flight.     

The reason why you should always do that is because sometimes in the airport your luggage might be lost or delayed for a day or two. And you will end up without anything of your clothes and toiletries. That’s the worst thing that can happen to you.   

When you do this trick, you’ll have a plan if something wrong happen to your luggage at the airport.

8. Always Wear The Heavier Things

you need to be creative and invest in yourself. Try to wear as many clothe as possible before going to the airport. by doing this you will protect yourself from getting sick during your flight, also you will free up some space in your checked luggage to store more important items.

One important things you need to do is to but some heavy but small items in your pockets. like heavy chargers, accessories, and more. All the pockets you have in your clothe can be very useful than you think. However, when bypass the security line, just take off your clothes and keep all the thing inside of them to get scanned. and when you inside the airplane, your free to take everything off.

9. Review Airline Baggage Rules

This is the most important step for smart packing, but it tends that most people don’t care too much about it, and at the end they end up overpacking and paying hundreds of dollars for baggage fees.

The airline you picked doesn’t just determine if you’ll get food onboard, but the amount and type of luggage you can bring as well. Once you apply all the tips and tricks to pack like pro, you need to weigh your luggage at home to make sure that it’s not over the weight limit (most airline has a baggage limit of 50lbs 22,67kg). 

You need to make sure to check the rules and policy of the airline you choose for the weight and size restrictions, how many carry on items do they allow? What fees do they charge for extra items?

All the information on baggage rules you need should be available on the website for each airline. So do your research better than paying extra money that you can invest in some good things in your trip.

10. Pack Some toiletries

Pack toiletries like your toothbrush or shampoo, hairdryer, or face masks can be a little difficult if you don’t have some bags that are made especially for that job. 

However, there is a lot of different designs with so many colors for Toiletry Bags, most of them are made of a water resistance and plastic material to not allow the water to split off in damaged your clothes. Just one bag can be more than enough to carry all of your toiletries.

And for girls who love make ups there’s also some Small Makeup Bags that you can fit just inside your carry on luggage, in case you want to redo your makeup in the airplane. Or you can buy a normal Makeup Bag one that can hold up all of your makeup equipment and put it inside your checked luggage.

11. Put All Your Valuables In Your Carry On

Believe it or not, most travelers put their valuables and irreplaceable items inside their checked luggage. If you are one of them, just stop doing that. And think, what if your luggage get lost, or get stolen, then all of your valuables will go with it. And to be honest with you, people do steal stuff in the airport. I heard so many stories about stolen computers and cameras and jewelry at the airport.

One of the important things you need to do when you travel, is to not pack your valuables inside your checked luggage. Many airlines companies take not accountability for lost valuables. So if your Valuables get lost, you can do nothing.

So always bring your valuables with you in a carry on bag such as a backpack, or small duffel bags, to keep them safe and secure.

Check the 15 thing that you should never pack inside your checked luggage.

12. Put Light Clothes In Top

Always make sure that the top layer of your luggage should be comprised of lightweight, delicate fabric that are prone to wrinkling, such as thin cotton, linen, satin, and slik. If you afraid to ruin your outfit and you want to be super careful, you can wrap items like silk shirts / blouses in tissue paper to protect them from any damage. And then place them between more sturdy items of clothing for extra protection.

One other thing you need to do is to place the majority of light clothes in the very top layer of our luggage. As well as the cloth that you think you will wear as soon as you arrive at your destination. That well help you to grab stuff very quickly if needed. 

And if you are in the airport and you want to change your outfit, you can do that very quickly.

13. But Some Outfits In Your Carry On

Most airlines allow you to bring one carry on bag and one personal bag, take that in your advantage by packing some extra clothes with you inside your carry on luggage. 

The other important benefit you get from that is, if your luggage get lost at the airport or delayed, you will have some clothes in your carry one that can help you at least for one or two days until the airport find your luggage. 

So remember always pack one or two outfit in your carry on bag. 


And that’s it, that is all the packing tips and tricks I have for you to help you become a pro when it comes to packing your luggage for a trip. 

These tips and techniques are based on our personal experience, as well as a lot of research out there. All that to give you the best of the best techniques that you can do today to make your trip goes in the right path.

If you have any other tips for packing like a pro based on your personal experience. Make sure to comment below in the comment section and let us know what’s your personal technique that you use to pack light. 

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